HOF68 Zidhe Portable Weapons - 2 Kits

Alternative Armies

SKU: hof68

15mm Scale Miniatures

2 Heavy Weapon Kits with Crew. This pack contains TWO portable weapon kits along with FOUR Zidhe crew to man them. Two man heavy weapons provide extra kick for mobile forces on the battlefield. 

The Zidhe Space Elves make use of a Plasmatic Focus Lance which while heavy and needing two to make use of it provides a deadly accurate shot that vaporises flesh and metal with ease. Some assembly required. Use image as guide.

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Welcome to the domain of the Zidhe. These space elves came to fame when featured on the cover of UM001 USE ME Science Fiction rules and they are now a force in their own right!  A Zidhe is tall and graceful and capable of great pity and anger too. Dominating their region of space they make war against all who would oppose their dominion. The Space Elves are here!

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases.